Continuing our commitment to providing high quality acoustic solutions, JBH have launched Versa-Tile; a multi-surface sound absorption panel designed and manufactured by us in the UK.

Achieving up to Class A acoustic absorption, Versa-Tile sound panels can be installed to ceilings and walls depending on the solution required. Versa-Tile offers flexible installation; panels can be either fixed or accessible allowing easy access to services.

Installed alongside the well established Novawall track system, Versa-Tile panels are available in a wide choice of fabrics offering a tailor-made aesthetic look to complete your final scheme.

What’s behind Versa-Tile?

Versa-tile frames begin with an aluminum extrusion containing our Novawall track system. Our Versa-Tile acoustic core sits inside the aluminium frame and is finished with stretched fabric secured over the entire panel.